Rakau-Making an Upcycled Pallet Table


With Alex and I moving into our new apartment one thing we are a little short on is furniture, not to mention a little sparse on disposable income.

Something I had seen around various cafes and on the likes of Etsy, Inside Out Magazine and Frankie magazine, was a coffee table made of two pallets. I thought, “hey that looks easy enough,” and with the exception of a couple of bags of nails and the wheels, the pallet table was all but free.

Unfortunately for me I also had to grab a couple more tools but managed to build it for under $100, inclusive of all my purchases from Bunnings. The great thing now is I have the tools to do more building. I already have plans to use the last pallet I scored to build a vertical planter stand.

So here’s what I did:

I had one good quality pallet which I used for my top. In order to attach the second pallet to the bottom it required taking it to pieces. Due to the second matching pallet being slightly rotten this turned into quite a disaster and managed to only salvage two boards and a few of the separating blocks.

Not to worry, the third pallet I had, which had a broken end, was able to be dismantled easily and I could use the two boards from my second pallet to complete a matching lower pallet. I attached these boards to my intact upper pallet and trimmed the excess wood down to match.

From here I attached the blocks. After bolting the wheels to the bottom boards I put theses onto the blocks. Finally I gave the edges a quick sand with the sander attachment on my newly acquired multi-tool and bobs your uncle! we have a cheap and rustic coffee table, which I think looks pretty choice.

The side slots can store magazines. We want to attach a glass top and leave it rustic with the weathered wood. You can of course paint or stain it and do whatever you want.



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