My name is Ryan O’Connor

Through my blog I express my thoughts on the search for “success”. I explore what success might look like, what it might mean, and how I went about achieving it.

I believe success needs redefining away from money and assets, and should consider, state of mind, freedom, meaningful connectivity and joy.

My Podcast can be found under The Stag Roar or on My YouTube Channel


Te Ahu Patiki: Aotearoa Ultra

After 38Km of running and the sun beginning to belt down through the now burnt off Canterbury Inversion layer, I was calling it much harsher names as with every step the sheering pain in my hips tried to tell me to stop and question my being.

Kotinga: Public Land Harvest

It was the perfect setting; three days of rain, a clear moonless night, an overcast morning and finally a break in the clouds allowing the sun to warm up northward faces and clearings. The perfect time for animals to stretch their legs and get in a feed of bolting high country sweet summer grass.

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