5 Years of Podcasting

The Stag Roar Podcast turned 5 this August. This Tuesday I published Ep 266 of The Stag Roar. Spotify tells me I have published 4155 minutes of content across 110 Episodes which is 99% more than the average creator.

Of the 110 Episodes this year, 102 were released as video and were the top 5% most viewed.

In 2022 The podcast followers grew on Spotify by 47%, had 25% more streams, 23% more listeners and had 9 more Hours of content listened to compared to last year.

The Podcast is still mainly listened to on Apple Podcasts with 61% of people choosing to use that platform, and the Spotify Audience grew from 16 to 17%.

The Stag Roar was Heard across 31 Countries in 2022 and the Top 5 were 1. New Zealand, 2. Australia, 3. a massive shout out to Cyprus!!, 4. Ireland and 5. U.K.

So after 5 years, what are the Top 10 Most Listened to. Be sure to check out the last time I did the Charts and How things have Changed.

10: Ep 125: Kadin Willis; NZ Bowhunter

9: Ep 127: Jordan Munn; Trap and Trigger

8: Ep198: Morgan Penn; The Trainee Secologist

7: Ep 141: Jay Reeve; The Jay Reeve

6: Ep 126: Andre Alipate; RST Hunters Club

5: Ep 23: Megan Ramos; Fasting

4: Ep 103: Gwyn Thurlow; The Hunter NZ

3: Ep159: Morgan Penn; The Trained Sexologist

2: Ep154: Cam Speedy; Wildlife Ecologist

1: Ep66: Matt Gibson; The Educated Hunter


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