Auraki: I’m Back

“The whole future lies in uncertainty, live immediately” Seneca

A lot has happened since my last blog on journalling, thankfully that has still been with me, as many of you following along on instagram would have seen. The almost daily task is a great way to stop, breathe and unload on the page. The interaction with these small moments has been great and an amazing way to transcend myself and my ego for a moment in order to take stock of this whirlwind that is life.

Open disclosure; the reason this website has been down for so long (for those who have clicked the link from the show notes of the podcast) is because money has been tight, between moving countries yet again (Haere: travel) and selling our house, there’s no other way of putting it, but its been tough.

So where are we at now?

Alex and I are now located in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay, gently settling into Havelock North. Billie is 19 months old going on 19 and a lot to deal with, everything, and I mean everything, is different with a child; from having company when you go to the loo and take a shower, to witnessing moments of joy that make a grown man (well physically at least) well up with tears of pride, to extreme pressure and tension emotionally and physically, and of course extremes of all emotions.

Being back in NZ has meant being closer to family, with almost monthly visits from either side of the family. Having access to the NZ wilderness and hunting opportunities has been so good even if they are reserved to once a month at best.

Some how another year passed and I’m 31 all of a sudden, I’m sure it was just last week that I went on that helicopter ride.

The Podcast is knocking on the door of 100 episodes and the audience is growing. Whats been awesome is the uptake of the NZ audience as it now represents more than the USA, pretty cool to see plenty of Aussies tuning in as well not to mention the small proportion of folks all over the world.

I am working for Visique Shattky in Hastings and Waiukurau and the variety and ability to work to the full extent of my scope and further has been a sense of relief; lifestyle and money were great in Australia but a sense of fulfillment goes a long way in something that takes up a large chunk of your time each week.

So that’s where things are at, I plan to get back to once a month blogs on a wide range of topics, and continue to share life less ordinary with you all.


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