Whakarongo: The Stag Roar Podcast

In August 2017 I began the Stag Roar Podcast for two reasons; firstly I wanted to have an excuse to talk to some amazing people around topics that interest me, mostly in the realms of health, nutrition, fitness and wellbeing. Secondly to give real world examples to my pairs of people who are out there living a less ordinary life, which would give proof of concept, that when you set your mind to it, anything really is possible.

So as 2019 roles around and we have 57 episodes in the can, I thought it would be great to check in and list the top 5 episodes. Obviously my podcast is still in its infancy (still being recorded from my laptop through iPhone headphones) with an average of 200 listens per episode, but as we head for the 100th episode and a goal of 1000 average downloads here is where I am at.

Number 5: What The Fast?! Dr Caryn Zinn & Professor Grant Schofield

Back at the cutting edge of the latest science, What the Fast! is a practical guide to get you started with intermittent fasting (IF) or Super-Fasting (SF) as we now call it. Plus it comes with all the science and the recipes too.
Facebook www.facebook.com/carynzinndietitian 
Website www.carynzinn.com/ 
Twitter twitter.com/CarynZinn 
Facebook www.facebook.com/Prof.Grant/?ref=br_rs 
Blog profgrant.com/ 
Twitter twitter.com/grantsnz 
Facebook @whatthefatbook
Instagram @whatthefatbook

Number 4: Art Green; Clean Paleo

Art Green is better known for being New Zealand’s Bachelor; outside of this he is the founder and business partner in Riot Foods that is the parent company to Clean Paleo, Poppy and Olive as well as their Paleo Certified Food Manufacturing Company.
This chat was loads of fun and we get Arts take on fitness, mindfulness, motivation and health.

If you enjoy this at least half as much as I did interviewing, then this will be a cracker podcast for you.

Instagram @art_green

Facebook @ArtandMatilda

Instagram @cleanpaleoco

Instagram @poppyandolive

Instagram @riotfoods

Number 3: Keegan Smith: Real Movement Project

@keegan_smith on instagram is the founder of Real Movement Project; a collection of trainers & gym owners who have a mission to change the world in the way we think about health, wellbeing & training

Number 2: Megan Ramos: Intensive Dietary Management

Megan Ramos is the director of Intensive Dietary Management and Features on the podcast “The Obesity Code hosted by Carl Franklin” with fellow Director, Dr Jason Fung.

The Intensive Dietary Management Coaching Program provides the education, guidance, support and structure necessary for successful weight loss and type 2 diabetes reversal.
It is an online coaching program to naturally treat weight and other metabolic related issues such as type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and fatty liver through lifestyle modifications without the use of medications, supplements or surgery.

Instagram @meganjramos

Facebook @IDMProgram

Twitter @meganjramos

Website idmprogram.com/ 

Podcast obesitycodepodcast.com/ 

Diet Doctor Videos: www.dietdoctor.com/authors/dr-jason-fung-m-d 

Dr Jason Fung’s Books: www.amazon.com/Dr.-Jason-Fung/e/B01BT8K6FK 

Number 1: Dr Shawn Baker: Carnivore

Dr Shawn Baker is an Orthopaedic Surgeon who has been practicing the Carnivore diet for the last 14 months. Shawn talks us through his developments from Paleo, to Keto and on to having nothing but steaks and the remarkable benefits it had on his health, his strength and his concentration.

We discuss his time in New Zealand, playing rugby for Hautapu, Weight lifting, and his world records in Ergometer rowing on the Concept 2 rower.

We touch on which All Black and his brother have started eating Carnivore as well as other health professionals such as Prof. Tim Noakes and Dr Gary Fettke who have also had run ins with legislators and industry dogma.

It was so exciting having Shawn on, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

I must apologise for the technical difficulties in the first ten minutes but after this we managed to talk uninterrupted and we get into a good flow.

Instagram @shawnbaker1967

Twitter @SbakerMD

Website make2017amazing.mykajabi.com/p/carnivo

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